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Leveraging Affinity FCU Credit Card Benefits to Meet Your Financial Goals

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Affinity FCU Credit Card Benefits Financial Goals Blog
By: Eileen Grogan
AVP Payment Solutions

A credit card is a valuable financial tool that can unlock a world of opportunities for cardholders. Most cards carry significant benefits for consumers, but finding the right card for you, your goals and your financial picture can be an overwhelming task.

Card offerings are differentiated by a few core characteristics, including interest rates, fee structure, credit limit and cardholder benefits. Here at Affinity Federal Credit Union, we offer five different credit card programs, all with different perks and benefits. Each of our offerings include no annual fees, no penalty rate increase for late payments, and enjoy a low rate, with cards at 18% Annual Percentage Rate and lower.

But we also designed our suite to include specific benefits for our cardholders helping you meet various financial goals. Our member philosophy is rooted in goal-setting and achievement and our cards are no different. Here’s how to find the right fit for you:

If your goal is cash back, our Cash Rewards Visa® Signature Card is a great option. Putting more cash in your pocket is always a positive, and this card provides 5% cash back on Amazon purchases, 2% cash back on groceries, restaurants, gas stations and services, including Netflix, Spotify and Uber, and 1% cash back on every other purchase. This means every dollar you spend is put to work for your benefit. Cardholders also enjoy free cell phone protection, no foreign transaction fees, 24/7 travel emergency assistance, contactless payment options and more.

If you are looking for flexibility, our a Affinity Pure Rewards Visa® Credit Cardis for you. This card is designed to deliver rewards on your terms, with no limit or expiration on points, no travel restrictions and no fees to redeem points. Cardholders earn one point for every dollar spent and even more points when shopping through Affinity’s Rewards website, where you can access travel accommodations, merchandise, experiences and excursions, and more. The card also offers emergency cash/card replacement, complete fraud protection, discounts at select retailers, worldwide travel accident insurance, baggage delay coverage and more.

If you want a low rate, consider the Premium Visa® Credit Card. Carrying balances from high-rate credit cards can be detrimental to your overall financial health, but our Premium card offers the opportunity to transfer balances from high-APR cards and leverage our low 2.99% APR introductory rate (good for the first 12 months). Following this introductory period, rates remain low in the 8.60-14.60% APR range. This card offers features similar to our other offerings, including emergency cash/card replacement, complete fraud protection, travel and emergency assistance, baggage delay coverage, free concierge service, and more.

If you want to build or repair credit, the Affinity Secured Visa® Credit Card is for you. Affinity’s mission is to empower everyone to achieve financial freedom. Credit history is a significant factor in virtually every financial decision, from buying a car or a home, to securing a business or education loan and more. That’s why we designed the Secured Visa® credit card to help our members build credit without worrying about high interest rates or fees. We offer an easy application process, and spending limits are determined based on available funds in a separate Affinity savings account. 

Once you have your new credit card, we offer a solution to assist in updating your card on file credentials,  Card Sync makes it easy to update your card info with many of the most popular online accounts, like Netflix, Uber and Amazon, making it even easier to start earning cash rewards in three quick steps

Our goal is to help our members find the right fit for all aspects of their financial lives, and the right credit card is an important contributor to that. Let our team help you improve your financial well being, maximize your spending power and take advantage of comprehensive card rewards. Learn more about taking advantage of our credit card offerings or becoming An Affinity member.

This information is for informational purposes only and is intended to provide general guidance and does not constitute legal, tax, or financial advice. Each person’s circumstances are different and may not apply to the specific information provided. You should seek the advice of a financial professional, tax consultant, and/or legal counsel to discuss your specific needs before making any financial or other commitments regarding the matters related to your condition are made.