Premium Visa Credit Card

Consistently Low Rates

With our Premium Visa® credit card, you get consistently low rates and the peace of mind knowing you’ll never be surprised by hidden fees.

Affinity Premium Visa® Credit Card: Low Rates, No Surprises

With interest rates as low as 9.60% APR, our Premium Visa® credit card saves you money and protects you from unexpected fees. We don't lure you in with the promise of a low rate, only to double it later like many credit card providers do. With the Affinity Premium Visa®, what you see is what you get.

Why Choose Affinity Premium Visa Credit Card?

  • Rates as low as 9.60% - 15.60% variable APR1
  • No annual fee
  • No penalty rate increases for late payments
  • Same low rate for all types of transactions (purchases, cash advances, balance transfers)

Compare Affinity Premium Visa to a Bank's Low Rate Credit Card and Save

To see how much you could save, compare Affinity's Premium Visa® (9.60% APR) to a typical bank's low rate credit card (11.00% APR):

If you had a $5,000 balance and made monthly payments of $200, here's how much you could save by having an Affinity Premium Visa® instead of a typical bank's low rate credit card:

  Rate Time to Payoff Total Interest Paid
Affinity Premium Visa 9.60% 28 Months $550.00
Typical Bank Low Rate Card* 11.00% 29 Months $707.42
SAVINGS with Affinity Premium Visa   1 month $176.06

* Average rate quoted by on 9.1.2013. 

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Affinity Premium Visa Credit Card Features

  • Emergency Cash/Card Replacement: In the event of an emergency, get access to cash and/or a replacement card
  • Warranty Manager: double the manufacturer's warranty coverage for eligible warranties of (3) years or less
  • Purchase Security: reimbursement for the cost of eligible items purchased with your card in case of theft, damage due to fire, and more
  • Complete Fraud Protection: receive Visa's Zero Liability policy2 and real time fraud monitoring
  • Secure Online Shopping: sign up for Verified by Visa®
  • Special Discounts for Affinity Visa® cardholders: Get special discounts on purchases, auto rentals, hotels, and more at select retailers
  • Auto Rental Coverage: excellent coverage for collisions or theft of most rental cars
  • Worldwide Travel Accident Insurance: automatic death and dismemberment coverage
  • Travel and Emergency Assistance: help with medical, legal, and travel services
  • Baggage Delay Coverage: reimbursement up to $100 per day for (3) days
  • Customer Support: 24-hour cardholder service from Visa®
  • Free Concierge Service: assistance with travel, hotel, restaurant, theater, and sporting event information and reservations anywhere in the world

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