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Certified Wellbeing Coaches

Talk to our coaches about improving your financial wellbeing today.

Member Financial Wellbeing is always at the heart of everything we do. Emphasizing this, we have launched a new employee certification program ensuring that our team can best support you when you need it most. Our Certified Wellbeing Coach program requires recipients to complete over 75 hours of additional training, including presentations and testing, to receive their certification. During their coursework they receive training on over a dozen of the most challenging financial topics. Most importantly, their training focuses on providing members with the best possible support in managing their personal finances and overcoming financial challenges.

Our first class of Certified Wellbeing Coaches are here to help you!

Our Certified Wellbeing Coaches are here to help with:
  • Budgeting – Save and budget for your future.
  • Goal Setting – Creating, setting, and achieving your financial goals.
  • Credit – Better understand credit and your credit score.
  • Decedent Accounts – Focus on remembering your loved one, not their accounts.
  • Identity Theft – How to prevent and handle your finances in an identity theft crisis.

Speak to a Certified Wellbeing Coach

Each branch location has a Certified Wellbeing Coach available to support your needs. Schedule an appointment to see one today.

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