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Earn up to 4.00% APY1
Award-winning savings with no monthly fees or minimums.
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Earn 8X the National Average2

Whether you’re saving for a down payment, dream vacation, or rainy day, we’re here to help you earn more toward your financial goals with our high-yield SmartStart Savings account.

Competitive Rates icon

Competitive Rates

Earn 4.00% APY on the first $10,000 and 1.00% APY on every dollar after.

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Zero Fees

No monthly account fees3 or minimum balance requirements.

Federally Insured Icon

Federally Insured

Your deposits are federally insured by the NCUA up to $250,0004.

Award-Winning Savings

BuySide from Wall Street Journal Rated

2023 BuySide Rated for High-Yield Savings Accounts

BuySide from the Wall Street Journal rated SmartStart Savings the “Best Credit Union High-Yield Savings Account for 2023.”

CNBC Editor's Pick

2023 CNBC Select Editor's Pick for Saving Accounts

Named "Best Credit Union Savings Account for Deposits Under $10,000" by CNBC Select.

Total Access When You Need It

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Enjoy unlimited transfers and withdrawals between your accounts at Affinity or other financial institutions.

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Deposit checks, send money with Zelle5, schedule transfers and more with our Mobile Banking App.

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Grow your savings faster with direct deposits from your paycheck and receive your funds up to 2 days early6.


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Our savings accounts, debit cards and other services are for members only. Joining is easy: Join online or call us at 800.325.0808.
Apply for a SmartStart Savings Account
Get started on your application online, in-branch or over the phone—click here to apply online.
Fund Your Account
While there's no minimum opening deposit or balance requirement, you'll need to deposit funds in your account to start earning dividends. The sooner you start, the more time you'll have to earn higher yields.


General Question
Is a savings account worth it?

Depending on your needs, yes – a high-yield savings account can be a worthwhile place to put at least some of your money. High-yield savings accounts are a good place to keep money – especially funds you may need to access on short notice – because they provide three key benefits:

  • Your money is safe. Funds in a credit union high yield savings account are federally insured by the NCUA up to $250,0004.
  • Your money has a guaranteed rate of return. Savings accounts promise a guaranteed rate of growth – in the form of dividends. While it may be more modest than the return you could receive elsewhere, there's low risk involved, and your savings are certain to grow over time.
  • Your money is accessible. Funds in a high-yield savings account are liquid – you don't have to sell anything or make a complicated transaction to get to your money. And with Affinity, you can use your ATM card to get cash from your savings account at any ATM or transfer money any time using the Affinity Mobile Banking app.
Can you earn money with a high-yield savings account?

Yes, because you’re guaranteed a certain rate of return on your high-yield savings account.

Affinity SmartStart Savings account questions
What are dividends?

Credit unions are member-owned and not-for-profit, so any extra funds are returned to members in the form of dividends, reduced loan rates and products and services designed to enhance your financial wellbeing. At Affinity, certain accounts like SmartStart Savings earn dividends as a reward for keeping your money in the account.

Does Affinity charge a monthly maintenance fee for savings?

Our savings accounts have $0 monthly maintenance fees with eStatements3. Otherwise, there is a monthly fee of $2 for paper statements.

Are there minimum account requirements for savings?

Our SmartStart Savings account features no minimum opening deposit, no minimum balance requirements and no monthly service fee if eStatements3 are selected. Otherwise, there is a $2 per month paper statement fee. Our IRA, ESA, and HSA savings accounts work differently because they are subject to different regulatory requirements.

Do I have to maintain a minimum balance to earn dividends?

Yes. While there is no minimum balance to keep your account open, you must have at least some money in your account to earn dividends on it.

Can I open a joint savings account with my spouse or another family member?


How do I open a SmartStart Savings account?

It's easy. You have to join Affinity as a member, then apply for a SmartStart Savings account. To apply online click here: Apply online

Join Affinity Federal Credit Union
How do I join Affinity?

Almost anyone can be eligible for membership! We have relationships with over 2,000 businesses, associations and clubs, and you can join Affinity through your association with one of them.

If you are not eligible through one of these paths, you have the option to join by making a one-time $5 donation to the Affinity Foundation whose vision is to end the cycle of poverty for those we serve.

What is the fee to join?

With Affinity you are more than a member, you are part owner. Affinity is owned and controlled by members who use its services.

This ownership happens when you establish your $5 membership account, which gives you one par value share in Affinity. This is not a transactional account, and these funds will not earn dividends. The account must remain open and funded with the $5 during your membership with Affinity.

Where is the closest branch location?

Our digital tools, such as the Affinity Mobile Banking App and Online Banking, make it easy to manage your account and deposit checks right from your phone. You can also view our branches, shared branching locations and ATMs by visiting Affinity locations.

What is the difference between a credit union and a bank?

Credit unions, unlike banks, are based on a cooperative or "co-op" model in which the members are also the owners. This is the biggest difference between credit unions and banks. While a bank is a for-profit company that distributes profits among shareholders or individual owners, a credit union is a not-for-profit institution "owned" by its members. Therefore, you can think of credit union membership as buying a stake in an organization rather than paying somebody else in exchange for services. Learn more.