Fraud Phishing Scams

Fraud Phishing Scams!

By Nicholas Mattaliano, Digital Communications Administrator

Date: November 9, 2022

Closing in on the holidays there is always an abundance of fraud happening. Whether it is through social media, email, text message etc... When it comes to text messages here at Affinity, we will never send a link for you to click on to verify any account information. The only time you will receive an Affinity fraud alert text message is for verification and only require a yes or no response. Through all the efforts here at Affinity we aim to help aid all of our members and non-members in preventing you from falling victim to fraud.

Please be sure to visit our Security Center Here you will find tip and tricks on how you can prevent fraud anywhere from password tips, detecting tips and the correct procedures if you have found yourself a victim of fraud.

Fraud Alerts