We’re Here for You: Toward Financial Wellbeing in 2021

We’re Here for You: Toward Financial Wellbeing in 2021

By: Jacqui Kearns, Chief Brand Officer

This past year has been filled with challenges – and changes – for all of us. The COVID-19 pandemic led not just to an economic downturn that has continued into 2021 (though it may soon begin to rebound1), but has prompted a transformation of the way we work and live. Organizations of all types have had to think differently about how they deliver for stakeholders, and Affinity Federal Credit Union is no exception. As we begin the New Year, we want to share how we have reimagined our role in your lives and the changes we’re making in 2021.

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We’re Here for You…Whether In-Person or From Afar
One of the most important developments of the COVID-19 era has been the rise of remote working and virtual communications. At Affinity, we took steps to protect our members and staff from potential infection by limiting our branch access to drive-up and appointment service only. This transition was enabled by our existing digital and remote services. We have live member service agents available during regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 9-5 pm) who are equipped to handle any and all of your banking needs, just as if you were going to the branch in person. And our automated phone service, newly upgraded to handle increased member requests, is available 24/7. And our digital banking solutions, including online banking and our mobile app, have helped our members manage their finances safely from home throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Underpinning all this is Affinity’s firm commitment to continuous digital advancement and the latest security features to protect our members from fraud. We are proud to have such a reliable, high-tech infrastructure in place and that we have continued to strengthen and enhance it.

We are now re-opening our branches while still keeping health and safety our top priority. But in rethinking how we can best serve your needs over the past year, we have been able to improve upon member experience by pivoting toward more customized service.

Focus on the Individual Member
At Affinity, we have always put members’ financial wellbeing and goals at the heart of our mission. We have long maintained valuable resources for members to learn about personal finance best practices, such as our Affinity Connect Blog. But this past year has made us reflect on how your financial wellbeing is really the core of what we do. Therefore, the focus for our in-branch staff have been on developing more personalized strategies for charting your way forward, financially. At a time when many families are struggling, this is an important shift in the way we deliver value as your credit union. Our staff are trained to offer not just general financial advice but customized lessons and plans aimed at helping you reach your unique goal, whether that is climbing out of debt, saving for a home or building up a retirement nest egg. Each member will have different milestones and different solutions, and our employees are your personal financial wellness coaches.

The struggle of this past year has changed a lot. But at Affinity we’ve chosen to take this as an opportunity to get back to the basics – being not just a resource to our members, but a partner and guide.

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