Take These Steps to Prepare Your Finances for the Covid-19 Crisis

Take These Steps to Prepare Your Finances for the Covid-19 Crisis

person holding credit card

Budget: Make sure you have a budget in place (and don’t “panic buy” at the grocery store!)

Build Up Your Savings: Keep some money liquid in case of emergency. Don’t be afraid to only make minimum payments on credit cards and bills for now, if your cash flow has diminished due to business closings.

Leverage Leave and Aid Programs: If your work and income has been affected in any way because of the Coronavirus, you may qualify for paid leave or unemployment benefits. Also look for additional government aid and stimulus programs aimed at helping the economy – and you – recover financially.

Lean on Your Financial Institution: Affinity members have many tools and education services available to them, such as no minimum opening deposits or minimum balances on our MoreSavings accounts, and no minimum deposit on our Affinity checking account. These advantages can add up when your cash flow is running low.

For additional information and updates from Affinity about COVID-19, please visit https://www.affinityfcu.com/banking/we're-here-for-you.aspx


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