3 Ways Affinity Can Help You Avoid Personal Finance Disruption

3 Ways Affinity Can Help You Avoid Personal Finance Disruption

by Jeff McMillan and Seun Aiyese

The ways Americans spend – and save – money are changing as the COVID-19 crisis continues. While your personal finance needs may shift, Affinity remains steadfast in our ability to innovate to meet them. Our everyday banking services and solutions are valuable, secure sources of financial support during this time of uncertainty.

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1. Mobile deposits and money transfers
The Affinity Mobile Banking app (available to download in the Apple App and Google Play Stores) has several new features, making it easier than ever before to stay on top of your finances and access your accounts anytime, anywhere, from any mobile device. Among the features that are especially beneficial in today’s “stay at home” world:

  • Mobile deposit – To make a deposit, simply take a picture of both sides of your check; funds will be available in your account following standard deposit procedures.
  • Money transfers – Use the app to transfer funds between internal accounts to cover payments or set up recurring transfers to boost your emergency savings. You can even add an account from a different financial institution.

2. Contactless cards and electronic payment services
Mobile Solutions – Affinity offers contactless debit and credit cards so you can avoid handing over the card at point of sale; just tap and fly through the line. Affinity also fully supports Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. You can easily enroll online. Additionally, through the Mobile Banking App you can browse and accept self-serve offers and promotions, such as pre-approved loans and credit cards. You can even request to upgrade your credit card and receive it quickly. Currently, there are electronic payment deferment forms available too, if you need assistance in these trying times.

Second Chance Repass is one of the many electronic payment benefits of an Affinity checking account. When a check is presented against your account and funds are not available, Affinity waits until the next morning before attempting to pay again. For standard electronic payments (direct debits), a second attempt is made later the same day, giving you time to make deposit or transfer funds and avoid returns, all with no fees or extra charges.

ACH originations allow business members to move money electronically at a fraction of the cost of traditional checks. Choose between next day and same day delivery to manage cash flow, settle invoices faster or even process same-day transfers or payroll.

3. Transaction alerts and security communications
Transaction alerts and notifications help you stay on top of your finances and ensure the accuracy of your transactions. You are notified when large withdrawals or deposits are made, receive a low balance alert to ensure everything gets paid and can schedule your balance to be sent to you on a regular basis. You can also text banking commands to 454545, such as BAL for balance, LAST for last 5 transactions and many more.

Card Center (accessible in the MORE section of the Affinity Mobile Banking app, linking to our companion app) are available to debit and credit card holders, allowing you to set up controls and transaction alerts that keep you up to date on all transactions, including ATM withdrawals and gas station purchases. You even have the option to decline any international transactions; if you discover it’s not a legitimate charge or you suspect there has been fraud, you can turn your card off.

Affinity communications – As an added security measure, please know that Affinity will always in communications to you. You can also communicate with us through secure email via the Affinity Mobile Banking app.

We recognize that these are unprecedented times. Affinity is here to help make disruption a little easier through our services and solutions. If you have questions or need additional support, please contact us.

For additional information and updates from Affinity about COVID-19, please visit https://www.affinityfcu.com/banking/we're-here-for-you.aspx


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