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Reasons Why You Need To Do Your Banking Virtually

By Lisa M. Aldape, Marketing Manager, Affinity Federal Credit Union

Life is demanding and never seems to slow down – it’s a truth we simply cannot seem to escape. The act of balancing professional and personal “to-do” lists can be overwhelming. Lack of time and the continuous struggle to stay afloat are challenges we hear about from nearly everyone, regardless of age or job. The last thing most of us want to do is wait in line, even a short one. Feel familiar? Keep reading.

Of course, internet access, through our office desktops or the smart phones in our pockets, has greatly increased our ability to virtually manage many aspects of our day-to-day lives. Personally, I’ve embraced the fact that financial institutions, such as Affinity Federal Credit Union, are attuned to this; by implementing emerging technologies and constantly upgrading virtual offerings, they’ve made banking wherever I am easy and secure.

Virtual banking has added an element of convenience to my life. I actually find managing my finances at home to be somewhat relaxing. The kids are asleep while I’m sipping coffee and paying bills.

From the comfort of my living room, I’ve done the following through Online Banking or with my mobile app:

  • Deposited checks. Hands down, this is my favorite thing about virtual banking. It takes less than five minutes to complete a mobile deposit and I know very quickly when the funds are accepted. It’s a great feeling to be able to do this whenever I want – including immediately after I’ve received a check in the mail. It’s secure and I get credit for my deposit immediately!
  • Paid bills. I cannot remember the last time I mailed a payment, worried about a late fee or purchased stamps. I’ve also set up notification reminders so I never feel stressed about missing payments.
  • Scheduled an appointment. Life is too chaotic to remember to stop by a branch office when I have specific questions about my finances. Instead, during my down time, I’ve gone online to schedule an appointment. Within minutes, I had a meeting populate my calendar.
  • Transferred funds to friends and family. Like I said, I don’t buy stamps anymore. Plus, my loved ones prefer getting the money deposited directly into their account.
  • Managed my accounts. I always know how much money is in my checking and savings, and can navigate my finances in minutes.

Virtual banking is a valuable part of my life. If you haven’t already given it a try, I highly recommend that you do.

Yes, to-do lists exist and always will. But by embracing the technology our credit unions support us with, in-person banking is one more thing I can save for the more complex financial issues I have. I only go the credit union when I need consultative advice or assistance. While I’m no gymnast, I do feel more in control of my balancing act called life.

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