Affinity Federal Credit Union: A Community Connected

By Jacqui Kearns, Chief Brand Officer, Affinity Federal Credit Union

Affinity is not your average financial institution. It’s a place where people from all walks of life come together through shared values and beliefs. It’s a place where people support one another even if they don’t know each other’s names. It’s a place where the money one member spends on his mortgage down payment directly helps another member get a small business loan. And where that small business loan helps another member pay for college.

With over 20 branches, Affinity is the largest credit union headquartered in the state of New Jersey, proudly serving the tri-state area. For more than 80 years, we have strived to improve the lives of our members throughout the nation. We’re deeply rooted in the communities that surround us, upholding the mantra that our members truly belong to something better. Our deep connection to our members allows us to develop strategic plans and create products that serve their needs, not ours. We aim to offer great rates, fewer and no hidden fees, and friendly service.

We firmly believe that our employees are the fabric of our organization and value their dedication to our members. For 12 years in a row, NJBIZ has acknowledged Affinity as one of the best places to work in NJ and we don’t take that for granted. We recognize the outstanding member care that our employees provide and, in turn, strive to provide our employees with a unique, diverse environment with opportunities for growth.

At the end of the day, we’re for the people – members and employees alike - and to us, people aren’t just a bank slip.

That’s why we’re bringing every piece of our organization together through our new “Community Connected” branding. We’ve got a new look, a refreshed, easy-to-use website and a campaign featuring real Affinity members sharing their stories.

Some time ago, we asked the team at Affinity, “what is it that matters the most?” The resounding response:  our members. Everyone who walks through our doors, who works with us, who contributes to our co-op structure, is family. In turn, our new branding supports that concept. A “Community Connected” means our members belong to the Affinity family. They come first and their financial health is our priority. It’s not just a campaign slogan; it’s our way of business – and life. For example, if you’re a member of Affinity and you apply for a loan and are denied, we don’t turn our backs on you. We’ll offer you counsel and assistance in repairing or correcting the issues to help you be financially successful.

Whether it’s by improving mobile deposits to better the experience or by working with the Affinity Federal Credit Union Foundation to directly impact the community through fundraising, everything we do maps back to our members. That’s what makes this new branding so exciting. It’s the very root of what we do.

As Chief Brand Officer, it’s my job to unite every aspect of Affinity under one cohesive mission to guarantee an unparalleled member experience. We are, by our very makeup, a “Community Connected.” Member or not-yet-a-member, we hope you’ll agree.

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