Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

Card Service Fees
Applies to Debit Cards, ATM Cards & Credit Cards
Fee Amount
Effective January 1, 2022.
Debit Card Transactions - signature & PIN-based No Charge
In network ATM transactions1 No charge
Out-of-network ATM transactions No charge
Credit Card Late Payment Charge See credit card agreement
Additional/Replacement Card $5 each
Credit/Debit Card Sales Receipt Copy $15 each
Foreign Currency Conversion See credit card agreement


Account Service Fees
Applies to Checking, Savings and Money Manager accounts
Fee Amount
Effective January 1, 2022.
MoreChecking Minimum Balance Charge
(if average daily balance falls below $1,000)2
$7 per month
Money Manager Minimum Balance Charge
(if average daily balance falls below $2,500)
$10 per month
Insufficient funds (whether paid or returned)
(Check, ACH, Recurring Debit Card Transactions)
$33 per transaction

Premium OD Usage Fee (Debit Card Overdrafts Paid)

$15 per transaction
(If transaction is $75 or greater)
Uncollected Funds Fee
(Check, ACH, Debit Card, and ATM)
$33 per transaction
Cashed/Deposited Item Returned Unpaid
(Item cashed or deposited to your account and returned unpaid for any reason)
$15 per item
Copy of Check
(upon request)
$7 each
Temporary Checks No Charge
Stop Payment
(Check, ACH)
$33 per transaction
Check Orders and Delivery Fee varies for quantity, style, design and delivery options.
Foreign Check Collection
(plus processing fee from foreign bank)
$20 each per item plus foreign bank fees


General Service Fees Fee Amount
Effective January 1, 2022.
Paper Statement Fee3 $2 per month
IRA/HSA/Coverdell Asset Transfer Fee
(assessed when transferring funds to another financial institution)
$50 per transfer
Statement Copy
(upon request)
$3 per statement
Account print out
(upon request)
$3 per print out
Account Research $20 per hour
(1 hr minimum)
Money Order $3 each
Official/Cashiers Check
(when payable to 3rd party)
$7 each
Legal Processing
(Includes levy, writ, garnishment, subpoena and requests for information from law enforcement agencies)
$100 each
Returned Mail
(member statements only)
$5 per month
Account Verification Letter/Forms Completion $10 each
Consul Immigration Letter
(per letter)
$10 each
Duplicate IRS Reporting Forms Fee $5 


Coin Processing Fees Fee Amount
Effective January 1, 2022.
Less than $10 No Charge
$10 - $500 $5
Greater than $500 $10
Branch Coin Machine Processing Fee No Charge


Wire Transfer Fees Fee Amount
Effective January 1, 2022.
Incoming Wire
(domestic and international)
No Charge
Outgoing Domestic Wire $25 per wire
Outgoing International Wire $45 per wire


Safe Deposit Box Fees Fee Amount
Effective January 1, 2022.
Safe Deposit Box Rental Varies by size
Safe Deposit Box Rental Late Charge $10
(per month after 30 days late)
Safe Deposit Box Drilling $150
Safe Deposit Box Lost/Replacement Key $20


Delivery Fees Fee Amount
Effective January 1, 2022.
Next Day Delivery Mon. - Fri. $15
Next Day Delivery Saturday $18
2nd Day Delivery Mon. - Fri. $13
2nd Day Delivery Saturday $15


Online/Mobile Banking Bill Payment Fees Fee Amount
Effective January 1, 2022.
Expedited Electronic Payment $10 each
Expedited Check $25 each
Standard Electronic or Check Payment No Charge


Loan Fees Fee Amount
Effective January 1, 2022.
Loan Investigation Research $20 per hour
(1 hr minimum)
Mortgage Cancellation $25 plus county cost
Statement Copies $3 per statement
Document Rush Fee $25 each


Affinity Loan Payment Services Fee Amount
Web Payment $4.99
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Payment $4.99
Over-the-Phone Payment with Agent $9.99
Online/Mobile Banking ACH Payment No Charge
Online/Mobile Banking Debit Card Payment $4.95


If you have any questions regarding our Fee Schedule, please call our Member Service Center at 800.325.0808.

Note: Some fees may be reduced or waived based on products and services usage. Learn more here.

*Western Union Quick Cash Wire services are no longer offered at Affinity.

1 In network ATMs include Affinity branded ATMs plus a nationwide network of ATMs. Click here for locations.

2 Fee is waived for the first three months after the account is opened.

3 Fee is waived for members aged 70 or older; children aged 12 and under; children with Savvy Saver accounts; tenant accounts; and new members for the first 45 days of membership. Please note that you can continue to receive paper credit card statements without incurring a fee. Call 800.325.0808 or stop by a branch to learn more.