Give less to the fat cats.
Get more from Affinity.

What is More?

More is a loyalty program from Affinity that actually rewards loyalty.

It allows you to gain points and get perks based on the products and services you use, not how much money you have. Since every service you use at Affinity is one less that you use at a bank, you’re being rewarded for becoming 100% fat cat free. The only thing better than that is getting great perks for doing it.

What's New with More?

More has already awarded our members over $1.42 million in MorePerks. And since More started, we've been listening to your feedback! Recently, some changes were made to More in the spirit of making something better even better, including:


For members with 400+ MorePoints

  • .20% APY rate increase on MoreChecking & MoreSavings
  • Double points on all Affinity Pure Rewards® Visa® credit card purchases
  • 25% discount on Safe Deposit Boxes
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For members with 200 - 399 MorePoints

  • .10% APY rate increase on MoreChecking & MoreSavings accounts
  • No fees for Money Orders and Cashier's Checks
  • One year free Tire Repair and Roadside Assistance when you open an auto loan
See all perks at the More level

How You Earn MorePoints

Learn how you can increase your MoreScore by doing more with Affinity. The more products and services you use, the more points you earn.

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Find Your MoreScore

You might be surprised how close you already are to a 200- or 400-point score.  Calculate your own MoreScore today - you may be closer to getting perks than you think.

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