President’s Day

All Affinity locations will be closed on President's Day, Monday, February 19. As always, we will be available through online banking, our mobile app or by calling 800.325.0808.

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How You Earn MorePoints

It’s Easy to Earn MorePoints

You earn points based on your relationship with Affinity - for the products and services you use, as well as how long you've been a member. Take a look and see how easy it is to earn MorePoints!

The chart below shows how points are assigned to products and services. Or, you can calculate your own MoreScore now!

Debit and Credit Card Usage
  • Debit Card Usage:
    • 10-15 transactions/month
      50 points
    • 16+ transactions/month
      100 points
  • Active Credit Card
    25 points
  • Credit Card Usage:
    • 10-15 transactions/month
      50 points
    • 16+ transactions/month
      100 points
Checking, Savings, & Certificates
  • Any Checking Account
    75 points
  • Checking, Savings, and Certificate Balances:
    • $5,000 - $9,999
      25 points
    • $10,000 - $24,999
      75 points
    • $25,000 - $99,999
      100 points
    • $100,000 - $249,999
      150 points
    • $250,000+
      200 points
Affinity Investment Services Account
  • Active Account
    50 points
  • First Mortgage
    150 points
  • Auto Loan
    100 points
  • Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit
    100 points
  • Other Consumer Loan
    50 points
  • Direct Deposit
    50 points
  • Paperless Banking
    25 points
  • Tenure 20+ years
    50 points
New - Business Services*
  • Business Checking
    50 points
  • Business Checking, Savings and Certificate Balances of $100,000 or more
    100 points
  • Business Loan Balance of $50,000 or more
    150 points

You will be automatically enrolled if you have a MoreScore of 200 or more points. Your MoreScore is calculated on the last business day of each month, and if you qualify for More or EvenMore, you will automatically begin receiving those perks the first day of the following month.

See disclaimers below for additional information on program eligibility and how points are calculated.

*If you have business accounts associated with your membership, you’ll earn MorePoints for these products and services.

We reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions of "More from Affinity" at any time.

Program Eligibility

"More from Affinity" is open to all Affinity members in good standing, excluding Business, Estate and Trust Accounts. In good standing excludes members who are 60+ days delinquent, in charge-off status, in bankruptcy, or in collections on an Affinity loan. Members with a "MoreScore" of 200–399 points are eligible for "More" perks, and members with a "MoreScore" of 400+ points are eligible for "EvenMore" perks. Your "MoreScore" is updated on the last business day of each month (business days exclude Sundays and Holidays) and members can advance effective the first day of the following month unless they are no longer a member in good standing. Once attained, "More" or "EvenMore" status is good through October 31, 2015 (as long as you remain a member in good standing) and is reviewed at that time to ascertain continued eligibility. After that date, it will be reviewed every 6 months (on April 30 and October 31 of every year).

How Your MoreScore is Calculated

Points are earned for the products and services shown above. Points are earned only for personal accounts and services, with the exception of the accounts listed in the "Business Services" section above. Points for Affinity accounts are assigned to the primary accountholder only, with the exception of points for mortgages and for balances associated with Affinity checking, savings and certificate accounts, which are assigned to both the primary accountholder and the joint accountholder. Activity must post to your account by 5pm Eastern Time on the last business day of the month to count toward your "MoreScore." Points earned in each product or service category can only be earned once per category.

Additional Detail About How Points are Calculated

Debit Card Transactions per Month: Excludes ATM transactions. If you have more than one checking account and debit card, transactions from all cards will count toward the monthly transactions. Note that the debit card transaction is counted in the month that the transaction is debited from your account. For example, if you make a transaction on April 30, and the transaction is debited from your account on May 2, it will count as a transaction in May.

Active Credit Card: Any activity within the last 30 days, including a purchase, cash advance or payment.

Credit Card Transactions per Month: Includes purchase transactions. Excludes balance transfers, cash advances and credits/refunds. If you have more than one Affinity credit card, transactions from all cards will count toward the monthly transactions. Note that the credit card transaction is counted in the month that the transaction is charged to your account. For example, if you make a transaction on April 30, and the transaction is charged to your account on May 2, it will count as a transaction in May.

Checking Account: Includes Affinity Checking, MoreChecking and Green Rewards Checking. Does not include Money Manager or Health Savings Accounts.

Checking, Savings & Certificate Balances: Points are earned based on your average daily balances (combining your checking, savings and certificates) as of the last day of the month. Average daily balance is calculated by adding the balances for each day of the month and dividing the total by the number of days in the month.

Home Equity Loan/Line of Credit: To earn points for a Home Equity Line of Credit, there must be an outstanding balance.

Other Consumer Loans: Includes personal loan, debt consolidation loan, boat/RV loan, and secured loan. Also includes personal lines of credit with balances.

Direct Deposit: To earn points, a minimum of $500 must be direct deposited in an Affinity account in a calendar month.

Paperless Banking: To qualify for points, enroll in Online Documents (receive your statements and other account documents online); and also use Online or Mobile Banking at least once a month ("use" means at minimum, logging into Affinity Online or Mobile Banking, or using any Online Banking text alerts).

Business Loan Balances: Includes all commercial loans except business credit card balances.

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