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Phishing Scams

Fraudulent emails and copy-cat websites designed to deceive.

Phishing Scam Fraud Hero Image

Phishing is a type of email fraud when you receive an email impersonating a legitimate company with the goal of tricking you into providing your personal information, login information, passwords, or other sensitive details. They will often create a sense of urgency by indicating there is a problem with your order, delivery, or accounts. Most email programs have spam filters that sort out seemingly suspicious messages. However, this technology is not foolproof.

Knowing what to look for is the best way to protect yourself. Misspellings, odd formatting, unrelated sending email address, strange URLs in the email, and urgency to login or click links are common giveaways that the message is a scam. Even if an email passes this test and looks legitimate, it is best practice to not click any links for financial accounts or other sensitive accounts and instead navigate directly to their website using their known and trusted website URL.

If you suspect you're a victim of a phishing scam, please contact our Member Solution Hub at 800-325-0808 for assistance.

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