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Financial Wellness and Education

Our Mission

Affinity exists to improve the financial
wellbeing of our members and the communities
we serve by making their unique dreams a reality!

A firm sense of social purpose drives everything we do at Affinity, and our goal is to work toward a future in which everyone is in control of their own financial destiny. Financial wellness is a cornerstone of the culture within Affinity’s community connected and annually, we offer over 200 financial literacy classes, seminars, events and on-demand educational materials to help demystify credit, instill the importance of savings and ensure that financial services are understood and accessible.

Providing our members with knowledge and necessary tools is vital in helping them to achieve financial independence and peace of mind.

Events & Webinars

Affinity has the resources you need to help you with your financial journey. View details on upcoming events and seminars.

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Our Financial Wellness Partner, Enrich, offers personalized online tools and modules to learn about money management, personal credit, insurance, retirement and more! Sign up to unlock mini courses to learn how to achieve your financial goals.

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Webinar Library

Our webinar library provides access to previously recorded Financial Education webinars to obtain financial knowledge on an on-demand basis

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Credit Counseling

Affinity offers free credit counseling services through Navicore Solutions and Consolidated Credit. Find out more about these organizations.

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It's A Money Thing Videos

Who said financial education has to be all serious and boring? We are inviting you on a journey to understand everything there is to know about money. Learn a variety of financial information and concepts in short, fun animated videos.

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NJCFE Webinars

Looking to brush up on finances, but don’t have the time to join one of our scheduled events? Don’t worry – Affinity has you covered! You can access our broad library of on demand webinars, all delivered by industry experts. This complimentary resource is available through our partners at the New Jersey Coalition for Financial Education (NJCFE).

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Consult with a financial coach to get immediate financial guidance or browse through interactive courses, webinars and money-saving tools at any time.

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Learn with Sammy

Over 200 Sammy Rabbit activities that make it fun and easy to teach kids great money habits. Enjoy stories, songs, and activities that build kids’ money, reading, writing, thinking, planning, and goal-setting skills! Set your children up for life-long success managing and growing their personal financial freedom, security, and wellness. Materials are for children ages 4-7+.

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