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Physical Wellbeing Awards Hero Image Physical Wellbeing Awards Hero Image
Honors those who advocate for and advance physical health, fitness, and wellness. Click Here to Enter
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Nomination Guidelines


Tangible improvement in the physical health or fitness of individuals or groups, reflected in:
  • Reduction in health-related issues or risks.
  • Increased participation in fitness or wellness programs.
  • Demonstrable shift in community attitudes towards physical health.

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New methods, tools, or systems introduced to promote physical wellbeing, such as:

  • Innovative fitness or wellness programs catering to specific demographics.
  • Integration of technology or research in health initiatives.
  • Pioneering collaborations in the realm of physical wellbeing.

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Unwavering dedication to physical wellness, evident in:

  • Initiatives that promote inclusivity in physical activities for all age groups or abilities.
  • Investments in research or programs for long-term physical health benefits.
  • Advocacy for the importance of physical wellbeing in larger forums or platforms.