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Recognizes those that champion the cause of financial literacy, security, and empowerment. Click Here to Enter
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Nomination Guidelines


Demonstrable changes or improvements in financial wellbeing of individuals or communities, which may include:
  • Increased financial literacy rates.
  • Tangible measures such as reduced debt or increased savings among beneficiaries.
  • Notable improvement in economic stability for a specific demographic or community.

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Unique, out-of-the-box strategies or tools developed to foster financial wellbeing, which could be:

  • New educational programs or tools.
  • Innovative financial products or solutions aimed at underserved populations.
  • Partnerships or collaborations that bridge the financial education gap.

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Ongoing dedication to financial wellness, evident in:

  • Continued programming or support even after initial goals have been achieved.
  • Investing in long-term financial education and empowerment strategies.
  • Evidence of advocacy for financial wellbeing in broader community or policy settings.