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Celebrates those that foster a sense of unity, support, and togetherness in the community. Click Here to Enter
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Nomination Guidelines


Clear evidence of strengthened community ties or revitalized community spirits, such as:
  • Community projects that have bridged gaps among diverse groups.
  • Initiatives that have supported vulnerable populations.
  • Demonstrable increase in community participation or involvement.

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Novel methods or programs that have been introduced to uplift community spirit, which may include:

  • Unique platforms or forums for community dialogue and understanding.
  • Innovative partnerships or collaborations for community betterment.
  • Use of technology or art in fostering community wellbeing.

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Continued dedication to fostering a strong, united community, as seen in:

  • Replicable models or systems that ensure ongoing community engagement.
  • Efforts to amplify the voices of marginalized or underrepresented community members.
  • Ensuring sustainability and longevity of community projects or initiatives.