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Urgent ATM Skimming Scam

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Affinity Federal Credit Union ATM Skimming Scam Blog
By: AffinityFCU

What is ATM Skimming and why should you be on guard?

ATM skimming is a tactic used to steal your card information. It occurs during valid transactions at ATMs. Electronic devices called skimmers are installed over the normal card reading slot of the ATM.

These skimmers record the data from the magnetic strip and this information is used to manufacture counterfeit cards.

What do the skimming devices look like?

Skimming devices come in many forms and can oftentimes be hard to detect. In most instances, a skimming device will be placed over the ATM card reader along with a hidden camera. Skimmers are usually implemented for a very short time so often are undetected.  

How can you protect yourself?

  • Use secure ATM machines under video surveillance or inside of a bank lobby. They’re less likely to be tampered with.
  • Pay careful attention to what the card reader and keypad normally look like on the ATMs you use most frequently.
  • Don’t use an ATM if the card reader appears to be added on, fits poorly, or is loose. Some thieves place a fake box over the card slot that reads and records account and PIN numbers.
  • Call the customer service number on the ATM immediately if a machine appears suspicious or if it does

We have recently seen an increase in ATM skimming activity. When we become aware of cards used at ATMs that have been compromised, transaction restrictions may be implemented to protect the cardholder.

If you suspect an ATM has been tampered with or suspect that you are a victim of identity theft or other forms of fraud, contact our Member Service Center immediately at 800-325-0808.