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Planning a New York beach trip this summer? Here’s how much it could cost you

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By: AffinityFCU

June 22, 2023

As the summer season continues and people search for a fun activity they can enjoy while not breaking the bank, a day trip to a New York beach could be a great option. New research from Affinity Federal Credit Union unveiled that New York State beach goers will see a 4.75% drop in prices compared to 2022, accounting for a full day's worth of activities and costs this summer.

This data follow’s research done by Affinity earlier this summer, which revealed that the cost of a day at the Jersey Shore has increased by 4% from last year to this year 1 due to inflated prices of goods and services.

Overall, the cost of visiting the most popular beaches on Long Island and in Queens, New York remained relatively steady from 2022. The research outlined the cost of visiting The Rockaways, Long Beach and Jones Beach in 2023 and shows that gas prices dropped 13%, sunscreen rose 12%, and the cost of a ticket at a Long Island amusement park dropped 13%. The cost of parking, beach passes, and umbrella and chair rentals, where applicable, remained consistent from 2022.

Preparing for a beach trip and tips for staying on budget

In preparation for your New York beach trip, it's important to not only plan your activities but also manage your budget effectively. Affinity is committed to the overall wellbeing of our members, and that's why we continue to assess the cost of a day at a local beach to encourage members to enjoy a vacation while managing the costs associated with it. Here are a few simple tips to keep your beach day on budget:

  • Pack your own food: When taking any vacation, the cost of eating out always adds up. A great way to save money is to bring your own meals and drinks. Packing sandwiches and snacks can be a huge cost saver, especially when traveling in a larger family or group. If you do plan to buy food at the beach location you are visiting, make sure to budget it out beforehand and stick to your plan.
  • Invest in beach gear: If you're a frequent beachgoer, owning your beach gear can be a lot cheaper than renting each time. Purchasing your own beach chairs, umbrellas, sunscreen, etc. can be a great way to save depending on how many times you plan to take a day trip.
  • Plan your beach day wisely: Planning your day trip to the shore in advance will certainly benefit you in the long run. Consider visiting on a weekday opposed to a weekend as it’s usually less crowded and cheaper.
  • Consider public transportation: Depending on your location, public transport can be a cost-effective alternative to driving. For instance, a subway round trip from Midtown Manhattan to Rockaway beach is priced at an affordable $5.50, presenting a cost-effective alternative to driving, which comes in at approximately $23.68, once gas and tolls are accounted for.

With summer in full swing, the notable decrease in costs for a New York beach day brings a wave of optimism for our members in the community and suggests that the inflation trends we've been seeing are easing up. With a bit of smart planning and spending, you can stretch your dollar even further during your beach visit this summer. Remember, it's all about finding the balance between enjoying a relaxing and fun vacation and keeping your budget in check. Stay informed, make wise financial choices, and you'll find you can create amazing beach day memories without breaking the bank.

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