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Affinity Federal Credit Union Presents Wellbeing and Your Wallet Podcast

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Affinity Federal Credit Union Wellbeing and Your Wallet Podcast Blog
By: Affinity FCU

Date: September 22, 2022

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the “Wellbeing and Your Wallet” podcast! In this new series, our Affinity hosts Jacqui Kearns, Grant Gallagher and Shawn Lubitz, provide expert tips and tricks on how to navigate common money challenges and set a course for financial wellbeing.

Discussion topics include how to feel secure in your financial future, the key benefits of credit unions, and how to maintain your financial wellbeing in hyper inflationary environments.

Members are encouraged to participate in a segment called Member Mailbag, where our hosts review and answer money questions submitted by our members in every episode. If you have a question or comment for a future Member Mailbag segment, please send it to @affinityfcu on Facebook or Twitter with #MemberMailbag.

“Wellbeing and Your Wallet” is available on all major podcast platforms. Take a listen here:

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