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5 Ways Affinity Can Help Meet Your Financial Needs That You May Not Realize

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Meeting Financial Needs Affinity FCU Blog
By: Gary Ruesch
Inbound Service Manager, Digital Branch

Date: December 14, 2021

Since 2022 is just around the corner, now is a great time to get your finances in order and set yourself up for success in the New Year. At Affinity Federal Credit Union, the financial wellbeing of our members is always our top priority. We offer numerous tools and resources to assist members in achieving their financial goals. Here are just a handful of ways Affinity can help you gain control of your finances:

  1. Online and mobile banking: Affinity members can easily access and manage their bank accounts through both the Affinity website 1 and mobile app.2 The website enables members to view their statements, open accounts, apply for loans and credit cards, transfer money and enroll in online bill paying for free. The app, meanwhile, allows members to deposit checks, monitor their accounts and locate a branch or fee-free ATM. Text banking via the app also enables you to easily check balances, transfer money and view recent transactions. We also have a separate Card App13 that members can download to help manage their Affinity cards. The app features transaction alerts, card controls to turn on/off their card, travel notifications, and registration for Visa Secure. 
  3. Financial planning services: Affinity has financial consultants3 available to help you make a plan to reach your goals through investing. These can include general wealth management and more specific goals like opening a retirement savings account or saving to help pay the costs of your children’s education. Our consultants are available to any member, no matter how much money is in your account. You can also run a broker check on the FINRA website4 before connecting with a consultant, in order to ensure you’re meeting with the right person to help build your plan.
  5. More Rewards Program: The More Rewards Program5 gives members an opportunity to earn points for using Affinity products and services. Actions eligible for rewards can include making transactions, maintaining specific amounts in your bank account, having a credit card or loan open, and holding an investment account. The first tier in the program is “More” status, which is achieved when you earn 200-399 points in a month. This status will waive Affinity ATM fees for up to eight transactions a month, provide overdraft protection for one transaction per month and offer no-fee cashier’s checks and money orders. The “EvenMore” status includes all the benefits of More status, plus up to $10 back in ATM fees, free check orders and paper statements, 25% off safe deposit boxes and double points if you have an Affinity Pure Rewards Visa credit card.
  7. Credit counseling: Free credit counseling6 is available to all members through Navicore7 and Consolidated Credit.8 These platforms connect you with a certified credit counselor who can lay out a plan to help repair or build your credit. Both of these organizations offer online services, and Navicore has a New Jersey office for local members who would like an in-person meeting. Good credit is fundamental for making big purchases like a car or house, and these professionals can help you achieve it. These companies also help out a great deal with budget reviews as well.

Budget Review includes:

  • Thorough review of your financial situation and monthly expenses
  • Guidance on where you can cut back to increase positive cash flow
  • Recommended payment plan options to decrease debt load
  • Alternative financing options to improve your credit, monthly cash flow and financial stability for the future
  1. Educational resources and webinars: Affinity hosts regular webinars9 that are free to all members and designed to provide education on money management. Our experts are ready to share their knowledge and help you along your financial journey. Webinar topics include the job search and interview process, financial planning, how to buy a home, investing and more! Also available to members are Enrich10 and Kofetime, 11 two money management-focused online learning portals. 

Affinity is dedicated to assisting our members along their individual paths to financial wellbeing. Our tools and resources are free of charge for all members to help make that journey be as smooth as possible. If you need any additional guidance, feel free to contact us12 directly.

This information is for informational purposes only and is intended to provide general guidance and does not constitute legal, tax, or financial advice. Each person’s circumstances are different and may not apply to the specific information provided. You should seek the advice of a financial professional, tax consultant, and/or legal counsel to discuss your specific needs before making any financial or other commitments. 

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