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Beyond Banking: How Affinity Banking Partner Mountain Lakes Country Day School is Building a Brighter Future

Beyond Banking: How Affinity Banking Partner Mountain Lakes Country Day School is Building a Brighter Future blog image
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By: Lorraine Romano and Flutur Nitting
VP Business Banking & Member Development and Senior Business Banker

September 21, 2023

At Affinity, we firmly believe our members and business partners are the backbone of our organization. We are proud to work with businesses that make a difference in their communities, and we are excited to celebrate some of these partners and their work..

As the Back-to-School season is upon us, it is timely to spotlight one of our valued business banking clients, Mountain Lakes Country Day School (“Mountain Lakes”), an early-childhood education facility for children aged two months to six years old. Mountain Lakes has partnered with Affinity for 25 years to support its business banking needs. It is a standout example of our work with like-minded organizations, specifically our support of businesses that positively impact our communities and promote educational advancement for the next generation of savers.

Mountain Lakes nurtures young minds and sets them on the path of knowledge and discovery. Our partnership is rooted in trust and shared values. The school's director, Cindy Pirrello, chose Affinity as Mountain Lakes’ banking partner at the recommendation of family members who are also members. She quickly recognized that, just as Mountain Lakes is committed to personal care and attention for every child, Affinity extends the same level of dedication and personalized service to its members.

Pirrello shared: “Affinity differs from other banking institutions in that it is much more personal, and the customer service representatives are very attentive to my business needs. Everyone that I have come in contact with has always been extremely helpful. The tellers at the branch locations are always professional and knowledgeable.”

In fact, during the trying times of the pandemic, when businesses faced unprecedented challenges, Affinity supported Pirrello and her business in securing the PPP loan necessary to remain in business, to continue to provide invaluable support for its families and to advance Mountain Lakes’ mission.

Lorraine Romano, VP Business Banking & Member Development at Affinity added: “We prioritize our member experience and the relationships we build with each and every individual or business. These relationships are even more meaningful when a shared mission emerges. Our work with Mountain Lakes Country Day School is a strong example of Affinity’s commitment to supporting businesses that influence our communities and advance the education of our children.”

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