What are Automated Fraud Alerts (Text/SMS)?

Affinity monitors your card activity to help identify transactions that may be outside of your typical spending pattern. If we suspect a transaction may be fraudulent, automated fraud alerts allow us to contact you quickly via text/SMS.

We will never contact you to ask for credit or debit card information we already have, such as card number, expiration date or security code. Report any suspicious calls to our Member Solutions Hub at 800-325-0808.

The message will include the following:

    1. Text message from 328-74
      • All AFCU automated fraud alerts will come from this number
    1. “FreeMsg” indicates you will not receive any fees associated with the fraud alert from your service provider
    2. Shows that it is from “Affinity Federal Credit Union”
    3. A brief description of the transaction in question
        • Last four digits of the impacted card
        • Dollar amount of the authorization being requested
        • Name of the merchant
          1. Requests a response of “Yes”, “No”, or “Stop”
              • “Yes” – The transaction is valid and no fraud has occurred.
              •  “No” – The transaction is fraudulent. This will place a block on the card and decline any future transactions. Get a new credit and debit card in any Branch, or call our Member Solutions Hub at 800-325-0808 to have a new card mailed. If a fraudulent transaction clears your account, you are protected by Affinity's Zero Liability policy, Please contact our Member Solutions Hub at 800-325-0808 to file a dispute on the fraudulent transaction.
              • “Stop” – Replying with “Stop” will remove your card from the Automated Text Alerts.

            **Note – Opting out of the automated text alerts does not remove your card from fraud monitoring. If potential fraud is detected, you will be contacted by the automated system via phone call.

            Learn more about the Credit and Debit Card Fraud Alerts Program.