IRA Savings, Coverdell ESAs, and HSAs

Plan For The Future

Affinity can help you plan for retirement, 
health expenses, or your child’s education.

IRA Savings Plans

    An IRA Savings account is one of the best retirement savings tools available today.  Affinity offers: IRA Accumulator Savings Account, IRA Certificate Accounts, and IRA Money Manager Accounts - all available as Traditional or Roth IRA accounts

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    • Federally insured by the NCUA
    • Low risk way to save
    • Compounded earnings


    Education Savings Plans

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    A Coverdell ESA is a savings account that is opened in a child’s name to help save for education-related expenses.  

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    • Anyone can contribute (parents, guardians, relatives and friends)
    • Contributions may be made until the child reaches age 18
    • Funds in the account grow tax-free


    Health Savings Plans

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    Affinity offers a Health Savings Account (HSA) to help you pay for health-related expenses. 

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    • No minimum deposit or balance requirement
    • No fees
    • No “use it or lose it” rules
    • You control the money going into and out of your account