Affinity checking account and debit card questions
What types of checking accounts does Affinity offer?

Affinity offers two checking accounts, Affinity Cash Back Debit and MoreChecking. No matter which checking account you choose, you'll always have convenient access to your money and great benefits.

What is the difference between the Affinity Cash Back Debit and Affinity MoreChecking account?

Affinity Cash Back Debit has no minimum deposit and no minimum balance requirements, and you'll earn 1% cash back on debit card purchases. MoreChecking requires a minimum balance of $1,000 and earns dividends.

What are the requirements for opening an Affinity checking account?

For checking products, the primary applicant must be age 13 or older. We would also review each applicant's ChexSystems Consumer Disclosure to determine eligibility for membership and/or checking products.

Is the number on my Affinity MoreChecking debit card the same as my checking account number?

No. Your debit card has its own number, and is linked to your checking account, which has a different number. Your checks will show the account number at the bottom, as well as the routing number for Affinity Federal Credit Union (221283512).

How do I move my direct deposit paycheck to Affinity?

When you're ready to move your direct deposit to your new Affinity account, simply provide your checking account number and our routing number (221283512) to your Payroll Department.

How can I avoid overdrawing my account?

We have you covered with overdraft protection options designed to help when there is not enough money in your account to cover a transaction. Learn more about Affinity Standard Courtesy Pay, Debit Card Courtesy Pay, Overdraft Protection Plan and Overdraft Line of Credit.

Can I use my Affinity Cash Back Debit Card for mobile payments?

Yes. You can add your card to your mobile wallet to pay with Google Pay™, Apple Pay™ and Samsung Pay™.