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At Affinity, we strive to offer our members competitive mortgage rates to save you the hassle of rate-shopping. If you do find a better rate for your home purchase, we’ll match it1!

Avoid all kinds of fees:

    • No application fee
    • No lender fee
    • No processing fee
    • No document preparation fee

Plus, we service your mortgage for the life of your loan

Since Affinity is the servicer, you can always contact us with questions about your loan and set up automatic payments from your Affinity account. Plus, you don’t risk paying late fees because the servicer of your loan has changed.

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1 Special offer available for purchase mortgages. Certain product exclusions may apply. You must lock your rate with Affinity Federal Credit Union prior to submitting rate match request to qualify for this offer. Loan Estimate from competing lender must be dated and received within three calendar days of locking your interest rate at Affinity Federal Credit Union. Please note that other documentation used to show competitors’ terms will not qualify for offer. The terms of the competing loan must be identical to Affinity Federal Credit Union’s loan; for example, a product with mortgage insurance is not identical to an Affinity product that does not have mortgage insurance. If the loan does not close within the commitment period, the rate match may be voided.

Note: The initial Loan Estimate from a wholesale lender/broker is not an acceptable document for a rate match submission unless the Lender Information section on the Loan Estimate is completed. All loans subject to approval. Terms and conditions are subject to change. This offer is subject to change at any time.