Applying for a used car loan
How do I apply for a vehicle loan?

Members can apply in any of the following ways:

Is there a fee to start the application process?

No. There are no vehicle loan application fees for Affinity members.

What type of information will I need to apply for a loan?

How do I access a loan application that I started online? 

You can continue filling out a saved loan application by following this link.  

How long will it take to approve my completed vehicle loan application?

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Once approved, how long is my loan offer valid? 

Affinity auto loan approvals and preapprovals are valid for 45 days, and your annual percentage rate (APR) is locked in the day your application is submitted.

How do I check the status of my loan application? 

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Can I get a loan approval before I pick out my car? 

Yes. Our loan process is simple, and Affinity preapprovals are good for 45 days. Once preapproved, you will be given a preapproval letter to show dealers and private sellers. The letter will clearly state the approved loan amount, so all sides understand how much car you can afford.