Is my money insured?

What is More ?

More is a program that rewards members for doing more with us. The more products and services you use, the more perks you get. Members with a score of 200-399 receive More perks. And members with a score of 400+ receive EvenMore perks.

How do I qualify for More?

You are automatically enrolled in the program if you have a MoreScore of 200 points (or more). You earn points based on the Affinity products and services you use.

What is a MoreScore?

Your MoreScore determines which level of MorePerks you enjoy. This score is based on points assigned to the products and services you use: your total number of points is your MoreScore. If you have a MoreScore of 200-399, you qualify for More benefits, and if your MoreScore is 400+, you qualify for EvenMore benefits. Your MoreScore is updated every month on the last business day of each month, and if you qualify for More or EvenMore perks, your benefits will begin on the first day of the following month.

How do I know what my MoreScore is?

You can find your MoreScore by using the online calculator. Or, call us at 800.325.0808, stop by any branch, or use the Secure Chat feature in Affinity Online Banking.

How do I earn MorePoints?

You earn points based on your relationship with Affinity - for the products and services you use. For complete details, view "How You Earn MorePoints."

I have two checking accounts - will I get MorePoints for each account?

Points for each category of product are limited to one set of points per product category. However, your "Checking, Savings and Certificate Balances" include balances from all your accounts, so it will include balances from both your checking accounts.

Will I receive MorePoints for accounts on which I am a joint (not the primary) accountholder?
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What balances are included in the "Checking, Savings and Certificate Balances"? Qualifying balances include those from any/all Affinity savings, checking and certificate accounts, and they also include balances in Affinity IRA Savings Plans. However, due to regulatory restrictions, we are unable to include Affinity Investment Services balances.

What is Paperless Banking?

To qualify for points for Paperless Banking, enroll in Online Documents (receive your statements and other account documents online); and also use Online or Mobile Banking at least once a month ("use" means at minimum, logging into Affinity Online or Mobile Banking, or using any Online Banking text alerts).